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About Stove Knobs

As you were trying to juggle three pots on the stove while keeping an eye on your toddler, you found yourself with a broken knob in your hand. Take control of the situation by having a look at the vast inventory of stove knobs available on eBay. From electric stove knobs to gas knobs, you can easily find the right ones for your stove. Alternatively, if you own an older stove, have a look at the selection of vintage stove knobs that includes O'Keefe, Merritt, and Wedgewood knobs. Stove knobs are available in various materials with popular options including aluminum, plastic, and chrome. Opt for elegant plastic knobs with a chrome ring or opt for simple black plastic Bakelite models that fit well with any kind of kitchen decor. Another option is porcelain enamel, which can add a retro look to your kitchen. Even though many stove knobs are universal, you should check the models for which a certain item is designed. Refresh the look of your stove with a new set of stove knobs.