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About Storz

Dustin has been a Storz technician for three years now. He loves the work because he works with a quality product and enjoys the adrenaline rush of being in the operating room helping the doctors and nurses know how to use the equipment. Karl Storz has always been a great company to work for and Dustin is proud to wear their name on his shirt. While many hospitals and doctor's offices, nursing homes, and clinics buy new equipment, some turn to a reliable source like eBay where they can buy often new or minimally used equipment and get the same great products for a little better price. The Storz Laparoscope has maintained a stunning reputation throughout the medical community, recognizing early on the importance of this field and developing a comprehensive and sophisticated range of instruments for surgical situations. Storz has equally top-quality equipment for other areas of medicine, too. Dustin is proud to be part of this legacy.