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About Stormtrooper Helmet

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They might not be very good shots, but boy, do they look sharp in that armor. A Stormtrooper helmet is the signature headgear worn by the crack soldiers of the Empire during their war with the Rebel Alliance. Its skull-like appearance, shaped by a steely grille and dead black eye-plates, reflects the ruling government's policies quite accurately. Wearing one of these as a Stormtrooper costume, you can, with assurance of total nerd credibility, invade any convention or Halloween party. The hiss of your breath through the mask, enhanced by EFX helmets which replicate the grainy radio-wave voices of soldiers from the movies, gives the costume a martial feeling that lends itself especially well to group costumes, especially if you can find a Darth Vader to lead your platoon. You can buy a Stormtrooper helmet from trusted sellers on eBay who maintain large inventories of costume supplies perfect for any Star Wars nerd. Blasters in hand, faces obscured, and armor polished to an imperial sheen, you and your friends can march out the door and take Halloween by storm.