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About Stihl Chainsaw Parts

Stores are decking the halls, and the radio hums with holiday music, signaling the arrival of fireplace season. Before cutting logs for the fire, make sure your chainsaw is in good working order with Stihl chainsaw parts. If you pull the starter cord but the machine coughs and dies, this is typically due to storing it with gas in the tank, leading to moisture in the carburetor. Usually, a carb rebuild kit repairs the damage. If the chainsaw still sputters and coughs, replace the entire carburetor, as well as the fuel hose and filter, to ensure clean gas flows through to the engine. Your chainsaw starts fine now, but before you begin cutting, check the bar for damage. Nicks and dents not only impede functionality, but also safety, since a damaged bar increases the likelihood of kickback. You want to work through logs faster, but resist the temptation to switch to a longer bar, as it stresses the engine and shortens the life of your chainsaw. There is a vast inventory of Stihl chainsaw parts on eBay to keep your machine running strong all season long.

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