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About Sticker Books

Naturally, the kids are excited for summer break and the big family vacation. You have been preparing for months for that 10-hour car ride, and one of the tricks in your arsenal is a sticker book. You actually only have one right now, but you want to get a few for them to share. Since your youngest is into everything Disney, a Disney sticker book will definitely be well-received. Hundreds of Princess stickers with a variety of backgrounds is sure to keep her busy for hours. A reusable sticker book is something else that is on your list. The pages in this book have a special coating so the stickers can be removed and used repeatedly. It is much better, in your opinion, than a standard sticker book. Since you are too busy to go from store to store searching for these books, you are thankful the sellers on eBay are there for you. Reliable sellers offer a variety of different kinds of books, so you are sure to find something that will keep the kids entertained and out of each other's hair.