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About Stick Pins

As you try on that old Fedora in the thrift store you immediately fall in love. Finally, you found the perfect hat you can add a decorative stick pin to. These pins were originally designed to secure the folds of cravats worn by wealthy English gentlemen, but today they are worn by guys and gals in a number of different ways. Some men like the way they look on the lapel of a suit, and there are many women who use them to secure a neck scarf in place. Whatever your reason is for shopping for vintage stick pins you are excited over the large selection you find through reliable sellers on eBay. Owls, angels, stones, butterflies, elephants, flowers, cameos, and fleur-de-lis are all popular designs. They are often adorned in pearl, crystal, enamel, carnelian, rhinestone, or glass. If you are specifically shopping for one for a hat, there are also hat stick pins available, as well. You can buy these pieces individually, but there are also lots available, if you want to get a jumpstart on your own stick pin collection or simply add to one you already have.