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About STI Wheels

Your Subaru STI eats dirt tracks for dinner. The STI wheels utilize the WRX's 4WD system to grip the surface of the course with ease. Featuring a strong engine with a large turbocharger and aluminum suspension components, a WRX STI is the fastest production Impreza variant available to the public. OEM STI wheels are lighter than factory-rated standard Impreza rims and feature multi-spoke designs. Heavier wheels perform well on straightaways, but the WRX STI was made to be used on a track. STI Enkei wheels further increase the performance potential of the car and feature a magnesium and aluminum alloy finish. These lighter wheels increase the cornering, sliding, and braking ability of the car. Aftermarket rims fit wider tires, which increase the traction and brake control of the car. Find your next set of wheels from the large inventory on eBay and get your WRX STI back onto the track where it belongs.