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About STI Transmissions

Shop the large inventory of car and truck parts including Subaru Impreza manual transmission parts!

Humming, clunking, and whining are noises you would rather hear from younger passengers than from your STi transmission. Unfortunately, today is not your lucky day. Fortunately, you can find a generous selection of new and used transmissions for your Subaru in the large inventory on eBay. Outfit your 2007 Subaru Legacy with a six-speed automatic transmission or equip your 2010 Outback with a cable-shift manual transmission unit. Shop for OEM parts for that new car feeling or opt for a used or rebuilt transmission to save a little money. If you want to rework what you have, purchase a rebuild kit instead and spend time puzzling in your garage. Alternatively, send your existing transmission and the rebuild kit to a local mechanic. Choose one of several type of STi transmission swaps and convert your automatic transmission to a manual, or vice versa. Before you get started on your project, pick up a set of STi transmission mounts and other essential components. Select the right STi transmission type for your Subaru to roll smoothly off into the sunset.