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About Stevie Wonder

With over a century of recorded music, much of it very popular in its time, there are only a few recording artists who manage to transcend their era and become part of the upper echelon of timeless musical legends. There is no doubt that with his distinctive voice, rare talent, and incredible songwriting and performing style, Stevie Wonder falls into this category of musical legend, so now is the time to begin, add to, or complete your Stevie Wonder CD collection. If you are looking for a place to begin, the 1973 album "Innervisions," along with the 2000 Stevie Wonder "Innervisions" CD, is essential. For digging a little deeper, try a factory sealed, Japanese import compact disc copy of Wonder's 1968 Motown Records album "For Once in My Life." The reliable sellers on eBay have these classic Stevie Wonder albums and many more in a variety of formats, and dependably include important details about the condition of CDs and all other items for sale.

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