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About Sterling Silver Pens

It is finally time to sign that big contract you have been negotiating for months. You pull out your sterling silver pen, and the room seems to grow still. Few things are as impressive as a gorgeous writing implement, and silver pens make quite a statement. Modern versions are lovely, but if you truly want to grab some attention, a vintage sterling silver pen is the way to go. While these used to be more difficult to find, knowledgeable sellers on eBay have gathered these antiques in one place. True pen aficionados may want to look into a sterling silver dip pen. These are intricate quill style pens that you dip into an ink well. They take some practice, but they leave a beautiful line and they are quite the conversation starters to have on your desk. If your written word is important to you, there are few ways to make that more obvious than to find a sterling silver pen that truly represents your personality.