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About Sterling Silver Lockets

Keeping those you love close at all times may be impossible, but with a simple sterling silver locket around your neck, at least a reminder of their love is always there. Lockets have always held certain romanticism. Many associate them with long-separated lovers or parents forced to abandon their children in the age before smartphones and digital photography. Back then, a small locket photo was the only physical reminder you had of someone you love. Giving a sterling silver locket necklace to one you love today may not represent the same exclusivity, but the sweet gesture will remind the person how much you care. There are many unique lockets to choose from as well. In fact, the reliable sellers on eBay offer everything from vintage sterling silver lockets to brand new ones. The romantic image people have of a small sterling silver locket holding the only photo of a long-lost love may be outdated, but this beautiful piece of jewelry is just as relevant today as it was then, and just as special.