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About Stepping Stone Molds

If the path from your house to your garage is just paved with good intentions and nothing else, stepping stone molds can help you get those incomplete landscape projects off the ground. A stone pathway is an impressive, expensive-looking landscape feature you can create, customize, and enjoy with the help of stepping stone molds. Choose from cobblestone or brick molds, then fill with concrete, smooth, remove mold, and repeat. To add more interest, you can space the molds randomly and fill the lines with pebbles, providing a tiled concrete stamped slab look with a pebble grout line effect. The concrete can be dyed with powdered concrete color to create unique color patterns that vary from slab to slab, furthering the authentic stone look. Make individual stepping stones with plastic molds to add interest to your garden or pathway. There is a wide selection of stepping stone molds in the vast inventory on eBay, varying from square tile, textured stone, and imprinted designs. You can easily create a garden path, driveway, or pathway, providing a custom, finished look to your outdoor space.

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