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About Stephen King

Long hailed as the “Master of Horror,” Stephen King continues to captivate readers with his scary tales. Written to capitalize on his fans’ greatest fears, King's books introduced us to many chilling entities, including a horrifying clown, a possessed car, a scary killer dog, a haunted pet cemetery, and antique-dealing vampires, among others. By browsing the listings on eBay, King fanatics can score first-print editions of his greatest works, including "Carrie," "Christine," and "Cujo." Additionally, many of Stephen King's popular paperbacks made it onto the silver screen, but there is arguably nothing more frightening then letting your imagination conjure up the scares found books like in Stephen King's "It" or "Salem's Lot." King tackled topics like time travel, technology, and gypsy curses in his novels without flinching, and readers eagerly await each new work to find out what the master of the genre finds horror in next. As both an imaginative writer and a creative, intelligent person, the only thing truly scary about King would be if he ever stopped writing his legendary books.

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