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About Steinbach Nutcrackers

Sometimes a nutcracker is more than just a ballet. A Steinbach nutcracker embodies classic German craftsmanship. Nowadays, a Steinbach nutcracker is more often given as a Christmas ornament than as a kitchen utensil, but it can be used for the original purpose. (However, it is not recommended, as these nutcrackers do not take well to washing.) Each one represents a character, from the Steinbach Merlin to the Nutcracker Mouse King. They make great gifts and even better decorations, especially when displayed where your guests can truly appreciate their handcrafted beauty. You can find both current and discontinued nutcrackers on eBay, making it a great place to start your Steinbach collection. You can still enjoy nuts at Christmas, but when it comes to cracking them it may be time to pick up a less expensive metal nutcracker. Let your Steinbach stand back and leave the task to lesser nutcrackers that have to work for a living.