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About Steering Wheel Controls

The ink was not yet dry on your teenager's driving permit when she asked you to take her out on the road and after strapping in securely, you made it through the ride. However, since she spent half the time adjusting the radio, you realize that you need to get her a steering wheel control module. The purpose of a steering wheel control interface is to allow more of a hands-free experience; the driver does not need to remove his or her hands from the wheel to change the radio station or flip to a new song when the stereo is in MP3 mode. The best part of all is that picking up a steering wheel control module is super easy thanks to the many reliable sellers on eBay. Fast and easy shipping options will get your new or new-to-you Pioneer steering wheel control unit to your mailbox in no time, so the next outing with your new driver will be a bit less frightening. Now, teach her how not to mash her feet through the floorboards when braking and the experience might just be pleasant.