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About Steering Damper

You recently restored your father's old Harley, but some serious wobble as you tackle a sharp corner convinces you that you may need to fit a steering damper. A steering damper, or steering stabilizer, is a device that is used to lessen uncontrolled movement in a motorcycle. Modern motorcycles are less likely to require such a device thanks to improvements in engineering technology, but classic bikes are often wobbly, especially when traveling at high speed. A motorcycle steering damper often comes as standard on sport motorcycles or racing bikes. This is not the case with older models, and if you are working on an older bike, such as a classic Harley Davidson, then a Harley steering damper can be purchased separately and fitted by a mechanic. Whether you are looking for a steering damper for a classic Harley or a newer model by the likes of Kawasaki or Yamaha, you can find a huge range of parts and accessories on eBay. With plenty of reliable sellers and some great shipping options, you can find what you need and have everything conveniently delivered right to your door.

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