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About SteelSeries

To get the edge in the latest competitive video games, you need to be faster and more accurate. The SteelSeries collection of keyboards, mice, and headsets are some of the most advanced on the market and SteelSeries are famous for their precise mice and their mechanical keyboards. A SteelSeries keyboard is an all-mechanical keyboard, meaning that it has all have separate switches below each key rather than pressure pads used on common keyboards. When gaming with a mechanical keyboard, you can be certain that the time-sensitive key press is successful without having to mash down on the keys. A mouse such as the SteelSeries Sensei is available in both wireless and wired, but the wireless mice can be hooked up via USB too. The counts-per-inch mouse sensitivity can be set up to 8,200, where most basic office mice have a CPI of 600 to 800, meaning you have much more precision. To find a selection of SteelSeries products, search the trusted sellers on eBay, whose long list of items includes keyboards, mice, and other accessories to suit your needs.