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About Steel Guitars

The steel guitar is a rather unique instrument and is not always recognizable as a guitar. Like many things that travel to islands, the instrument evolved after its arrival in Hawaii. Many players preferred to play it horizontally on their laps using a metal slide. Soon the Hawaiians fashioned distinctive lap steel guitars with small bodies and long necks designed specifically to play in that position. Many resemble ukuleles with longer necks, whereas others look like blocks of wood with guitar necks attached to them. They fit comfortably on players' laps so that they can slide their fingers along the neck. The instrument evolved further, as some musicians preferred to play it on a table. This gave birth to the console and pedal steel guitars, which often combine more than one neck on a table with legs. These instruments have pickups like electric guitars, and musicians play them while standing up. Steel guitars can be harder to find than your garden variety acoustic and electric guitars, but sellers on eBay offer an excellent selection.

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