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About Steel Boned Corset

Half fashion, half foundation, the corset gently reshapes the body to fuse form and style. A steel-boned corset can be used to accentuate curves, to maintain form in a tightly fitted or elaborate outfit that requires additional toning and support, or to train one's waist to diminish the waistline. A steel-boned waist-training corset is worn over preset lengths of time while being adjusted to an increasingly smaller size in order to shrink the waist through compression. This results in a narrower waist after training is complete, which can open up new frontiers of fashion and design for the wearer. A Victorian steel-boned corset lets you wear gorgeous period clothing that might otherwise not flatter your shape, but without permanently changing your underlying body. Corsets are a great way to experiment with fashion, especially with more elaborate and unusual designs of gown and dress, which require a somewhat more intense approach to dressing up. You can find a steel-boned corset in the vast inventory of clothing, fashion accessories, and other supplies found within the inventory on eBay.

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