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About Steampunk Skirts

You believe the world offers you endless possibilities for adventure and wonder, and you live your life unafraid to be bold and audacious. That is why you embrace the steampunk movement, both in spirit and fashion. For women, a vital part of any steampunk wardrobe is a steampunk skirt. These skirts blend traditional Victorian-inspired fashion with elements of science fiction. A typical steampunk skirt may have a hemline in the front that is scandalously short by Victorian standards, with a traditional hemline or even a bustle in the back. Elements such as gears and timepieces are often used to accentuate pleats and accents. The type of steampunk skirt you choose is often dependent on the archetype or character that your style is modeled after. For example, if the aristocratic life appeals to you, you may choose rich, luxurious fabrics in deep colors such as brown or black, and opt for a more traditional hem length. A shorter femme fatale steampunk skirt, on the other hand, may feature silk or velvet material in red or burgundy. No matter what style speaks to you, you can find a large selection of steampunk skirts on eBay. With the right steampunk skirt to complete your outfit, you can be participating in alternate history adventures in no time.