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About Steampunk Jewelry

Fashion trends cycle around like clockwork, especially when the fashion literally is clockwork. Steampunk jewelry combines Victorian sensibilities with anachronistic brasswork and clockwork, creating a unique look that is equal parts high society and Industrial Revolution. Steampunk jewelry parts are often repurposed elements from the machinery of clocks alongside valves, gaskets, or aged and weathered brass keys to simulate both the appearance of Victorian jewelry — such as slatted chokers, ladies' wrist bangles, lockets, and cameos — and the technology of the period with its heavy reliance on clockwork and steam power. A cameo might use a large filigreed gear as its backing piece, a visual relief that blends the delicacy of memorial jewelry with the intricate efficiency of machined parts, while rings and bracelets incorporate smaller pieces of clockwork or antique brass, turquoise, ivory, and other vintage jewelry-making materials. Explore a wide variety of steampunk jewelry in the vast inventory on eBay. Pick up a steampunk jewelry box that reflects the old-fashioned yet modernist vibe, and use it to store your treasures in style.