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About Steampunk Dresses

With a cheeky reimagining of Victorian fashion, steampunk dresses are a fabulous way to express your style. A pastiche of the styles of Victoriana, Jules Verne, and H.G. Wells, steampunk fashion reflects a science fiction version of the industrialized 19th century. To find your look, start with a Victorian steampunk dress in either a dark color or a subdued blue or periwinkle. You can wear a dress with a long or calf-length hem, or add a little pirate spice with a shorter asymmetrical hem. A striped peplum jacket or vest, laced corset, fingerless gloves, and a riding hat decorated with feathers and bronze hardware completes the look. For everyday wear, pair your dress with black high-heeled boots featuring gear eyelets, buckles, laces, and embroidery. You can dress down your outfit or accessorize to the hilt for a party or other special occasion. For a marriage ceremony to remember, consider wearing a steampunk wedding dress, complete with a luxurious bustle and long lace gloves. For a complete outfit or a foundation for your adventurous creativity, search the large inventory on eBay for steampunk dresses in a variety of colors and styles.

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