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About Steampunk Costume

Isambard Kingdom Brunel did not die of overwork designing the bridges that made Victorian London great so that you could run around in a top hat covered in clock parts. Nevertheless, donning a steampunk costume is pretty much all the rage these days. The contemporary science-fiction steampunk Halloween costumes combine the fashion aesthetics of high and low Victorian English society with a retro design sensibility centered on approximating modern technology with period-appropriate accessories like clockwork, industrial piping, and other fancy gadgets. Women's steampunk Halloween costumes fit the mold by combining popular fashions like the bustier with retro-revolutionary bloomers, patterned vests, and top hats. In general, these costumes fall somewhere between formal wear and cosplay and it involves elements of historical recreation, making it a bit of a thinking person's costume. Find and buy a steampunk costume from qualified sellers on eBay who stock large inventories of Halloween costumes along with customization kits and accessories like vintage machine parts and footwear to bring the ring of authenticity to your costuming job, and all with reasonable shipping options.