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About Steam Engines

Few pieces of antique machinery generate the love and interest of enthusiasts like the steam engine. This gentle giant of agricultural history is the great-granddaddy of today's tractors, and many old timers love to tell stories about the steam engines that used to cross the fields and farms of the American Great Plains to transport crops during the summer and fall. Because of their age and the difficult nature of their work, an antique steam engine is a rare sight. It was not uncommon for one of these engines to end up as scrap metal once it was no longer functional, which is why vintage operational machines usually draw a large crowd of interested spectators. For collectors who remember the good old days or for those who simply wish they did, a model steam engine may have to substitute for the real thing. The reliable sellers on eBay offer a diverse selection of collectible steam engine memorabilia, including beautiful antique toy engines that could ignite a new generation of aficionados.