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About Statistics

After determining your GPA, you wonder what your chances are of getting into an Ivy League school. Once you know some basic statistics about the population that gets accepts, and the population that does not, you can estimate your chances and plan accordingly. Whether or not you like to admit it, this information is all part of various statistics, making the field incredibly important, as it encompass everyone in the population in one way or another. If you want to learn about variance, standard deviation, chi square tests, ANOVAs, and the practical application of all those concepts, an introductory statistics textbook is the perfect buy for you. Learning the fundamentals of statistics prepares you for more advanced studies, and also gives you an insight into how the world works around you, especially in the social sector. You can find a huge inventory of statistics books on eBay, available from many sellers. If you are interested in this subject, pick up a textbook that looks interesting and start expanding your knowledge base.