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About Statement Necklaces

What do celebrities, princesses, and socialites have in common? They all know how to make a grand entrance wearing the latest fashions and statement necklaces. Watching any red carpet event with the beautiful dresses and jewelry makes you wish you had your own personal stylist and an unlimited budget. Fortunately, with the new and used inventory on eBay, you can find sparkling rhinestone statement necklaces to add to your wardrobe with a lot less fuss. Choose a bold color like red or orange to add a pop of color to a black or neutral dress. To highlight your eyes, shoes, or subtle details in your outfit, choose a necklace with crystals that bring out the color. For classic style, you can never go wrong with vintage statement necklaces. Featuring flowers, vines, and teardrop shapes, they complement any style with their timeless designs. Chunky statement necklaces paired with multiple bangles create an edgy vibe for a night out or an important work party. The bottom line is you can make whatever statement you want with the right piece of jewelry.