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About Starscream

A jet fighter slices through the clouds, hunting down its prey; but this is no ordinary plane; this is an evil Decepticon, a warrior robot disguised as a vehicle in order to remain undetected in our world. The Transformers Starscream jet fighter was one of the original characters in the generation one line of Decepticon toys, and his constant scheming to overthrow his leader, Megatron, made him a firm favorite among fans. Since his original appearance, he has had an active role in many books, comics, films, and animated series, and this means there is plenty of related merchandise to collect, including the impressive Transformers Leader Class Starscream action figure based on the live-action movie incarnation of the deceitful villain. For fans of the original design from the first generation toy line, there is also a Classics Starscream reissue, and of course, many eBay sellers have original toys and accessories for collectors to adore, all shipped conveniently to your door. Whichever design you prefer, one thing is certain, a Transformers Starscream action toy is a wonderful addition to any collection. Just do not turn your back on him; he really cannot be trusted.