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About Starrett Micrometer

When your job requires you to take very accurate measurements, you need to have the right skills and the right tool as well. Get a Starrett micrometer hailed as the most accurate handheld tool available. This micrometer is ideal because its measurements and readings are on the same axis and a strong frame supports the anvil end. A Starrett digital micrometer offers convenience in various forms: its mechanical digit counter allows ease of reading, its micro-lapped steel measuring faces increase accuracy, and its ratchet-stop mechanism allows uniform pressure for precise and repeatable measurements. Measuring parallel surfaces and inside diameters of rings and cylinders is not an impossible task if you have a quality Starrett inside micrometer set that includes solid measuring rods, anvils, and wrenches. The inside micrometers are lightweight and easy to use, and they make a good investment as they can be useful in a range of applications. Buy a new or pre-owned Starrett micrometer on eBay for your measuring needs and make sure you are getting a quality item by purchasing from a reliable seller on the site. With your skills and the right tool, you can perfect any measuring tasks that your job requires.