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About Starbucks Stainless

When you work construction during the cold months, it would sure be nice to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee on the job. Unfortunately, if it is a little chilly, your coffee is going to cool off pretty quickly in a paper cup, and this warrants investing in a Starbucks stainless steel thermos. While your Starbucks stainless steel thermos does not magically transform your normal coffee into Starbucks coffee, you can bring your thermos straight to a Starbucks and get the friendly baristas to put the coffee directly into it. This allows you to take advantage of the heat-retaining abilities of a Starbucks stainless steel thermos instead of cardboard cups. You can buy these items in many sizes, including the Starbucks 20 oz. stainless steel tumbler which is the perfect size for your venti order. Find these and other Starbucks products on eBay from many reliable sellers. Buy a Starbucks-branded thermos and keep your hot beverages hot and your cold beverages cold just as they were intended to be consumed.