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About Starbucks City Mugs

Even if you cannot travel the country or the world to collect souvenirs, you can experience exciting places through the Starbucks City Mugs series. Beginning in 1994, the famous coffee shop chain started selling City Mugs featuring designs inspired by the skylines, landmarks, and landscapes of world class cities. The first series, the Starbucks City Mug 1994, primarily displayed the name of the city over a backdrop of an iconic landmark. After positive response to these mugs, Starbucks began doing more themes in years to follow. In 2002, the Skyline Series came in three sizes, displaying the skyline of various American cities, with the Starbucks City Mug Chicago being one of the most popular. In that same year, Starbucks also made an Italian Romance series as a tribute to the country where espresso was invented. This was followed in 2004 by the City Scenes series featuring black and white snapshots from a number of American and Canadian emblematic towns. In 2008, Starbucks dedicated an entire series to the Olympic Games. There is a wide selection of Starbucks City Mugs available from reputable sellers on eBay. Collect the cities you have always wanted to visit, or choose ones that help remind you of the time you spent there.