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About Starbucks Bears

In addition to the delicious coffee that passes through drive-thru windows every day, all across the country, Starbucks sells a variety of fun merchandise. The Starbucks Bear, or Bearista, as it is officially named, is as beautifully made as the coffee and comes in many variations. A Starbucks bear makes the perfect gift for a coffee lover that also enjoys collectible stuffed animals. For a holiday present, try a Starbucks Christmas bear. The Starbucks Dragon Bear celebrates Chinese culture, while the Hawaii Surfer Bearista represents a relaxed island lifestyle. Also in the line are bears for Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter, sports, school, and more. When they are new rather than pre-owned, limited edition bears such as the Designer Girl often come with a special presentation box, allowing you to show them off while keeping them pristine and protected. Look for these and other special bears on eBay, available from reliable sellers. Each Starbucks Bearista Bear features high-end materials, beautiful craftsmanship, and precise detailing for a true heirloom piece that you pass on to children or grandchildren.