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About Star Wars Comics

Wars aren?t really all that much fun, but make the wars take place in space?and boom! You have a winning formula that will see multiple movies, mountains of merchandise and the requisite Star Wars comics that every Sci-Fi fan will covet. You can obsess over first edition copies of Star Wars comics 1977, or marvel at the modern-day releases from?Marvel. If you love a good comic book, or if you?re one of thousands of comic book collectors, then you?ll want to take a look at what eBay?s reliable sellers have on offer for you. Our obsession with space travel and a soft spot for witty one-liners means that films like Star Wars will never go out of fashion, and who knows?keep your comics in pristine condition, and you could stand to make a good few bucks out of your Star Wars comic lot in the future. Just remember: the only war you should be starting is a bidding war on that must-have comic!