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About Star Wars AT-ATs

Working its way over the frozen terrain, the Star Wars AT-AT mounts its assault, easily deflecting blaster fire from its armored body. The AT-AT walker is one of the Star Wars universe's most iconic machines, and you can pick out action figures and statues in the form of the vehicle on eBay. Both vintage and modern items are available on the site. For example, look for the 2010 Hasbro model of the walker or pick out one from the Kenner line from 1981. Some of these models have electronics that enable them to walk along the ground, and replacement parts are available to ensure these products work properly for years to come. If you are a fan of the Star Wars miniatures, look for AT-AT minis to add to your game. While you are shopping, consider picking out a Star Wars AT-ST walker to complete the versatility of your walker fleet. You can also shop for the crew of these vehicles. So, whether you are looking to complete a collection of Star Wars action figures or you want something new and fun for your children to enjoy, the Star Wars AT-AT is ready for action.