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About Star Trek DVDs

The crews have gone where no man has gone before, and you can follow along on their journeys with the selection of "Star Trek" DVDs available from the reliable sellers on eBay. With numerous series and hundreds of episodes to choose from, the TV shows alone offer plenty of great material for fans. Look for DVD collections of the shows to find products containing every episode. For example, you can find a boxed set of "The Next Generation," containing 49 DVDs covering all seven seasons of the hit show. You can also shop for individual seasons to build you collection. Of course, the movies are also among the most popular stories in "Star Trek" lore. Look for the six films from the original series, released between 1979 and 1991. You can obtain each of these movies on DVD, or, if you are a vintage collector, on VHS. Modern installments in the franchise, like 2009's "Star Trek" or 2013's "Into Darkness," are also available to round out a collection. Whether you have journeyed with the crews for decades or you are stepping into the fan-favorite universe for the first time, a "Star Trek" DVD collection can help you enjoy every mission.