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About Star Trek CCGs

Engage, you order the players; the game starts. The "Star Trek" Customizable Card Game, or Star Trek CCG as it is also known, is an amazing game for any "Star Trek" fan, especially for those who love "Star Trek: The Next Generation." The game allows you to command crewmembers, ships, and special equipment and take on missions. You can fight battles in space and alter player's environments by playing cards. The Star Trek CCG 1E (first edition) is popular, but very hard to come by brand new, and is based on "Star Trek TNG." Later editions include other "Star Trek" series, including "Deep Space Nine" and "Voyager," but the Star Trek CCG Enterprise is one of the more popular sets. You can find these cards on eBay and buy them from one of their many reliable sellers. You can mix and match any set of cards, and quote all of your favorite "Star Trek" quotes while playing with your friends.