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About Star Trek Cards

Escape to the final frontier with a collectable set of Star Trek cards. Admit it? you?re a closet Trekkie, but you don?t have to cover your room in posters and figurines; for a more subtle nod at your secret passion, you could invest in a set of Star Trek cards?easy to stash when your girlfriend/boyfriend comes over. For the truly liberated Trekkie however, you can go starry-eyed over autographed Star Trek trading cards, or complete your collection of Star Trek Next Generation cards by checking out what?s on offer on eBay. From cards in pristine condition, to the more loved and worn?if you have a hankering for all things spacey (let?s be honest, who doesn?t love a bit of James T Kirk?), then you can get your fill reminiscing as you carefully pick your way from one card to another. You might find that it sets off an immediate need to revisit some of the classic episodes you?ve got on your laptop though.