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About Star Trek

With the words "Space — the final frontier; these are voyages of the starship Enterprise," a new genre of science fiction was born. Although the original "Star Trek" series only lasted three seasons, a motion revival relaunched the series and its iconic characters into the stratosphere, and making stars of William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and a cast of hundreds who have followed them. As with any beloved TV series or set of movies, there is a lot of memorabilia and collectible items featuring "Star Trek" and the many series that came after it. There have been more than a dozen "Star Trek"-related major motion pictures and five separate TV series, not counting a short-lived animated series. All of the TV shows and movies are available to watch on DVD, and there are many "Star Trek" DVD sets available that makes it easier to buy several DVDs at one time. Another part of "Star Trek" that plays as big a role as some of the actors themselves is that of the starship. There are many collectible "Star Trek" Enterprise items available, such as models and die-cast model toys. For the Trekkie in your life, be sure to scan the large inventory of "Star Trek" items available on eBay, where you are sure to find items that will send them into orbit.