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About Star Ruby

Out of roughly 100 rubies mined from the earth, only three will display the telltale six-pointed star of the Star Ruby after working the stone into its cabochon form. Even then, only one out of 100 starry stones has both the brilliant color and bold star necessary for use as a gemstone. That is why the beautiful Star Ruby is so rare, especially in sizes of 5 carats and above. Yet the sellers on eBay have plenty of these stones for sale as either loose stones or pieces of jewelry. The largest stones usually appear in a Star Ruby pendant and it is possible to find extremely large vintage and antique pendant necklaces of these natural stones. A Star Ruby ring often uses a smaller stone size of 5 carats or less in a gold or silver setting. The star itself slides across the surface of the gemstone in the light, always creating plenty of attention for this remarkable stone.