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About Staplers

A stapler is a common piece of equipment in many offices, home offices, and homes. The primary use for a stapler is to keep stacks of paper together in a particular order. However, in the home, a stapler can also keep bags closed, attach fabric to a wall or piece of wood, or hold other objects together. Use one to fix ripped upholstery or keep a hem up until a permanent fix is possible. A heavy duty stapler allows you to attach thick stacks of paper or other objects with bigger staples, and is common in the construction industry. Staplers come in many colors other than the standard black. Find a pink stapler for the feminine woman or a brightly colored one for the wild one in the bunch. Get all the colors you want on eBay, where reliable sellers offer all kinds of new and gently used staplers for whatever you need. Get organized with a great stapler in any color and any size.