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About Standing Liberty Quarters

Coins tell a story. Consider the myth about how the design of the 1917 Standing Liberty quarter changed midyear due to public outcry that the virtuous Lady was not wearing enough clothes. The reason, more likely, is because the U.S. entered the world war that year, thus chain mail was added to the breastplate. Not as fancy of a tale, so it’s no wonder why the initial story prevails. The truth is Standing Liberty quarters all have stories. The artwork on the obverse sides of the coins makes the coins and the artists noteworthy. Take the 1930 Standing Liberty Quarter. This was the last year the design was minted, with most coming from Philadelphia. Those from Denver and San Francisco are rare and are often worth more money. The 1925 Standing Liberty Quarter, on the other hand, is the first line of the coin that has the date etched into the design rather than raised because the dates on previous coins were known to rub off. This also explains why some of the liberty coins display no date at all. No matter what year you are looking for, the reliable sellers on eBay have many new and pre-owned options to choose from. The whole lot of this bank change series has a story to tell for children and adults alike.