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About Stan Lee

In a blur of red and blue, the most famous brainchild of celebrated Marvel creator Stan Lee zips through the Manhattan skyline with the agility and speed of a deadly arachnid. Nerdy teenager Peter Parker, once bitten by an irradiated spider, gains the proportional powers of the insect, but keeps his heart of gold. In the classic series, he must keep the people of New York City safe while balancing the great responsibility that comes with his great power. For the die-hard Spider-Man fan, a Stan Lee signed issue of the legendary Amazing Fantasy 15 where the character first made his appearance is sure to be the crown jewel of any collection. A funny Stan Lee sketch of the writer's caricature interacting with the colorful heroes he has created is a perfectly lighthearted addition to any comic enthusiast's decor. The man has touched many lives over the years through his imagination, and the reliable sellers on eBay are sure to have all the examples of it you could ask for. Find the perfect piece of Stan Lee memorabilia and pay homage to this godfather of comic-book adventure.