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About Stairmaster

As you step onto your Stairmaster and start climbing, listening to your favorite Led Zeppelin track, you feel like you might very well be climbing the stairway to Heaven. These machines come in several design styles, ideal for residential and commercial gym use. They feature visual displays, indicating time remaining, pace, and level of difficulty. For a home use system, the Stairmaster 4400 makes a nice choice. This machine features dual steps, which resemble paddles rather than staircases. A bright screen combines real time information with controls and settings, letting you easily adjust level, select a workout, and program other information. This system includes an integrated computer, letting you store and track workouts. This machine offers two sets of handlebars, one stationary and one moving, giving you the option of getting an upper-body workout too. Roll bars on the front and back ends have plastic caps, ensuring the machine does not move once it is set up. For a larger, commercial unit, consider the Stairmaster 7000. This version also stores your workouts, and lets you choose many preprogrammed workouts too. These units feature digital compatibility, letting you watch television or listen to your music while working out. Stationary handrails feature a plush foam layer, offering comfort and preventing slipping. You can look for a Stairmaster on eBay, where a large inventory is sure to contain your ideal exercise item.