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About Stair Lift

Your knees ache and your back is sore, and your stairs have become an impossible feat. It is time to invest in a stair lift to easily get you back up to your second story. A stair chair lift works by an attached rail on your stair's treads, and the chair takes passengers up and down the stairs with the touch of a button. There are many stair lift models available with some running on battery chargers and others running on AC power. The benefit of battery-powered units is that they still work during power outages. New and used stair lifts can have a variety of features including arms, footrests, adjustable seats, and soft starts and stops. Many newer units also feature advanced safety specifications, such as seat belts, key-only operation capabilities, and safety edges that automatically stop the chair lift if it is blocked by a person, animal, or other object. A stair lift is invaluable for those who have trouble getting up and down stairs, and the sellers on eBay are always adding inventory so you are sure to find the right lift size to fit in your home.