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About Stained Glass Windows

Louis Comfort Tiffany may be famous for his dragonfly lampshades and high-quality jewelry, but some of the designer's favorite pieces were the stained glass windows he made for churches and private homes. These artistic gems made by Tiffany or another artist are ideal reclamation pieces inside a home. Use an antique stained glass window in place of a normal window to shed rainbow colored lights down the stairs or into a child's bedroom. Plenty of stained glass window panels are for sale on eBay in a variety of sizes. Make sure you know the size of your current window if you plan to replace it with a stained glass version to avoid sizing problems. eBay also offers multiple shipping options, so the stained glass window should arrive to your home in one piece without any damage. On some of the older windows, there might be damage such as small cracks in the frame, so examine each picture before completing your purchase. Whether you use the artwork as a window or just hang it on the wall, it will be a beautiful addition to your home.

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