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About Stained Glasses

As the sun streams through the windows, beams of colored light dance on the floor and up the walls. Stained glass adds character and color to your home. Vintage stained glass windows in geometric patterns or floral and berry design bring a charming sense of the past to your dining room or kitchen. Stained glass window panels do not have to be large to have an affect. Replace a pane or two in a small window and enjoy the unique style it adds to the room. Consider bringing a Victorian feel to your basement with stained glass transom windows. You can also place a stained glass panel in a guest bathroom as a colorful surprise for visitors. Bring the glamour of stained glass to your kitchen with cabinets inset with stained glass panels. Choosing a stained glass door for your front entryway adds curb appeal to your house. eBay provides a large selection of stained glass in a variety of styles from reliable sellers.