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About Staggered Rims

Staggered may not be a welcome term outside of a bar, but for vehicles, staggered rims offer auto owners the opportunity to make their cars stand out among the crowd. One set of wheels on one end of the car is larger than the second set on the other side, so vehicle owners can enjoy aesthetic and practical benefits. Manufacturers typically attach the larger set to the back of the vehicle to help it move over undulating terrain. The different sizes also influence the body and frame design, making the vehicle appear more powerful. Staggered rims come in a wide variety of sizes, such as 22 staggered rims and 19 inch staggered rims, enhancing overall performance. Rotating the different sized wheels does present some challenges, requiring careful planning and usually the involvement of at least two people. Nonetheless, staggered rims have moved from the racing circuit to mainstream America. Turn your car into a lean, mean machine by ordering a new or used set from one of eBay's reliable sellers.