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About Stagecoach

The stagecoach is a classic symbol of the American Old West. The stagecoach represents what became the largest stagecoach line in the world, running 2,752 miles from St. Louis to San Francisco. Wells Fargo stagecoach die-cast models can help you relive the glory days of cowboys traversing the wide open plains. Available in new and used condition from reliable sellers on eBay, these stagecoach models are a distinguished tribute to the company that pioneered cross-country delivery. Real leather window shades and Wells Fargo graphics compliment the separate 150 parts that make up this 1:16-scale model. It also features authentic recreations of the driver and shotgun seat, interior compartment, and detailed replicas of scale-to-size luggage, strongbox, and even the implement that gave the shotgun seat its famous name. Imagine yourself rolling along on the stagecoach's recreated spoke wheels, admiring the beauty of the prairie while also keeping a keen eye for bandits waiting to take your valuable cargo. Beauty and bravery are both symbolized in the large inventory of stagecoach available.

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