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About Staffordshire

Every year growing up, your grandmother gave you a Staffordshire figurine for your birthday. Now you’re an adult and she’s run out of figurines, but your thirst for antique Staffordshire pottery hasn’t been quenched yet. These little earthenware figurines were made for more than 200 years in the same place—in and around the county of Staffordshire in England—and as such they’re one of the most prevalent manufacturers of pottery figurines in circulation today. Dogs were the most popular and best-selling Staffordshire figurine type throughout these two centuries, and are much more common than other animals today. The line didn’t end with animals, either: You can find a full complement of jugs, teapots, plates, vases and more from reliable sellers on eBay. Staffordshire even made figurines of famous people such as Queen Victoria and Napoleon Bonaparte. With such a wide variety of figurines and statuettes to choose from, you’ll always be able to treat yourself to a birthday gift your grandmother would have been proud of.