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About St Michael

After two years of struggling with college and trying to find jobs that don’t exist, your son just told you that he’s decided to join the Navy. This new career choice will take him oceans away from you, but you’re not afraid: St. Michael the Archangel will be there to watch over him. Widely known as the prince of the Seraphim, St. Michael is the patron saint of mariners, as well as paratroopers, police, artists, dying people, and many other groups. A St. Michael medal is popular with many people, and you can find new pewter, silver and gold medals in a variety of styles—pendants, rosaries, medals, rings, coins and more. Most St. Michael medals, especially those favored by members of the military, are inscribed with the words "St. Michael Pray for Us" or "St. Michael Protect Me." Whatever your affiliation with him, a St. Michael pendant or other token found on eBay will bring comfort in times of trouble. Now your son can set sail with a Seraph to watch over him.