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About SSD

You turn your computer on and leave the room to turn the coffee on, just hoping that everything will be loaded by the time you return. If you are frustrated with your computer or laptop's loading time, SSD technology is for you. SSD stands for "solid state drive," which is different from the conventional SATA hard drive. While you may not think you have ever used a solid state hard drive, the truth is that you probably have. iPods, tablets, and phones all take advantage of SSD technology, which is why they are so speedy. By putting a solid state drive into your laptop, you are effectively giving yourself the speed of an iPod in laptop format. You can buy SSDs in many sizes, such as a 120 GB SSD, or something bigger or smaller. You can find these drives on eBay available from the site's reliable sellers. Put one of these in your laptop and never wait more than a few seconds for your laptop to go from "off" to being fully functional.